Monday, June 24, 2024

Web3 and its Function in Community State Governance – Crypto 2023

by Jeremy

It’s robust to inform what’s reliable and what’s vaporware. (A standard drawback in crypto.) And these 26 initiatives, in fact, are usually not the world’s first “startup societies,” and the lure of a brand new utopia didn’t start with Web3. In 1804, a non secular zealot named George Rapp satisfied 600 believers to start out a brand new, impartial, God-fearing society in Pennsylvania. Within the 1830s, the spiritual “Shakers” – which practiced each celibacy and ecstatic (shaking) dancing – fashioned 18 bubble communities scattered all through the US. Then 30,000 Mormons, within the 1840s, fashioned their very own utopia in Nauvoo, Illinois.

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